Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Director of Worship Arts
Job Description


• The Director of Worship Arts, in collaboration with the pastor, program staff,
and the Worship Design Team, provides direction, focus, and leadership in
planning and preparation of the contemporary and traditional worship services.

The ideal candidate will:

• Demonstrate a love of Jesus and a vibrant and growing personal faith.
• Demonstrate a love for people and the capacity for building a unified team with diverse people.
• Be passionate about worshipping Jesus and making disciples of Him for the transformation of the world.
• Preferably have a BA in music and 2 years’ experience in Worship Leadership or
Christian Education.
• Have the skills needed to direct a volunteer Worship band.
• Be proficient in a principle instrument (piano and/or guitar) and vocal leadership.
• Be a self-starter, yet be able to work smoothly with other staff members and relate to all ages of the congregation.

Principal Responsibilities:

• Read “Who Stole My Church” within the first 30 days of employment.
• Lead the Worship Design Team.
• Develop and implement a process for engaging new families through the variety of worship experience opportunities.
• Work with other staff members to plan and prepare worship services.
• Work with the pastor to identify and select songs that will enhance
the worship experiences.
• Direct the Worship Band and prepare a rolling schedule of songs at least
12 weeks.
• Lead hymns or designate and train song leaders to lead hymns.
• Order and maintain supplies, within budget, to support worship needs.
• Attend to all the logistics of planning, preparation, and activities of both traditional and contemporary worship to ensure a smooth flow.
• Coordinate the operation of the sanctuary video, sound and lighting systems.
• Communicate regularly with the pastor to address worship concerns, if any, of the staff and the congregation.
• Attend meetings that will be helpful in the operation of the church.
• Demonstrate a commitment to professional development by attending, with approval of the pastor, 1 workshop or seminar each year with expenses paid by the church.



• The Director of Worship Arts reports to the pastor, with accountability
to the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
• Meets directly with the Pastor and a liaison to the Staff Parish Relations Committee for consultation and discussion regarding questions and concerns.
• The 90-day evaluation will include a self-evaluation component.



• The Director of Worship Arts will be paid a salary in equal semi-monthly payments.
• The pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee evaluates the performance of the Director of Worship Arts and recommends to the Church Council the annual rate of compensation.

Interested candidates should submit a Letter of Interest and Resume to
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Director of Worship Arts Search Committee
2206 Airfield Ln.
Midland, MI 48642








Revision – 01, 2018