Right Now MEDIA…Check it out!
We have been called as followers of Jesus Christ to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Our hope is that through the various offerings at Aldersgate, we are equipping people to grow in their understanding of God and for believers to grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One way we are equipping individuals, families, small groups, the youth group and church leaders is through our subscription to Right Now Media. Right Now Media allows everyone in our church to have FREE access to a video library of over 10,000 Bible studies. Right Now Media has been described as the Netflix of Christian Bible Study. The video library covers many areas of interest including: personal devotion, marriage, parenting, finance & small group studies. These resources are from over 150 leading Christian publishers & ministries. There is also a Kids area that accesses an enormous library of both entertaining and educational Bible based content options.

It is a simple process and takes just a few minutes to sign- up for Right Now Media. You can watch the content from your TV, desktop, laptop, Roku, iPhone & iPad app. So what are you waiting for?

Ask yourself… What are you doing to grow into the mature followers of Christ that we are called to be? You can pick what time works best to tune into Right Now Media…for some it might be 5:00 am for others midnight. Enjoy your personal devotion or invite others to journey through a Bible study with you. The options are numerous.

If you have questions, need further information, assistance in getting signed up…please contact Julie MacLauchlan at 631-1151 or admin@aumcmidland.org or Donna Czerepinski at 989-832-3604.