Sermons from September 2015

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Facing The Wilderness: A Time of Purification


Most everyone can identify with wilderness experiences in life—finding your way through the barren and dry places of disappointment, suffering, and loss, and trying to understand why these things are happening. Wilderness experiences are a common human experience, but you can have hope in the wilderness. In this insightful series, Pastor Michael T. will offering […]

The BIG Questions: Where Did We Come From


Many questions are being asked today about beliefs that have been held by followers of Jesus for centuries. Honestly, sometimes these questions make us feel like doubt is more plausible than faith. So what do you do when you face BIG Questions about faith? In this candid series, Pastor Michael T. will explain how Christians […]

The Nature of God: The Holy Trinity


Nature of God How would you describe God? Mysterious? Powerful? Compassionate? While we cannot know God exhaustively, we can know God truly. In this foundational teaching series, Pastor Michael T. will guide you through some of the more complex attributes of God by delving into the mystery of the Holy Trinity. August 16 God The […]